Exploring Historic Flint Ridge Ancient Quarries & Nature Preserve in Glenford, Ohio

If you have been following our recent A to Z themed posts--you may have noticed that we are particularly drawn to Native American and local historical sites--especially those with unique geography or geological features.  Today, I am sharing one of my favorite local, Ohio historic sites:  Flint Ridge in Glenford, Ohio.  Ohio's official state gemstone is flint--with large quantities of the gem existing throughout the Eastern and Central parts of Ohio.  Flint Ridge, an almost 8-mile vein of historically significant flint rock,  served as a flint mining area of Native Americans for thousands of years.  Check out our visit to Flint Ridge State Memorial Park.  

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Ohio Historical Marker at Flint Ridge State Memorial Park

What is Flint? 

Flint is a type of quartz rock--that is extremely hard and durable.  American Indians used flint to make weapons, tools, and various ceremonial pieces for 1000's of years.  Some flint is grey in color with flecks of white impurities--other flint, like that from Flint Ridge, includes shades of pink, red, blue, green, grey, black and white.   

Small Piece of Flint

Why is Flint Ridge Significant?  

Both Prehistoric and historic natives used flint in their daily lives.  Flint Ridge, with its abundant flint supply, was a major mining area for Ohio' Native Americans.  The Hopewell Indians of the region traded the unique flint with other natives from across the United States region.  Archaeologists have discovered the distinctive Flint Ridge flint as far was as the Gulf of Mexico and the Rocky Mountains!  


 Visiting Flint Ridge State Memorial Park

Ancient Quarries & Nature Preserve 


Begin with a visit to the onsite museum and gift shop.  

Unfortunately, the museum is open only seasonally and we visited too early in the spring.  I think beginning with the museum would give your hiking group a better idea of the significance and value of the site and the trails. 

Onsite museum and gift shop at Flint Ridge


Hiking Flint Ridge State Memorial Park

The Flint Ridge State Memorial Park is a 533-acre nature preserve--but, the trails circling the ancient quarry pits are not extensive.  While there is a handicapped accessible trail--it doesn't take visitors through much of the site.

Sign with Map of the Trails at Flint Ridge State Memorial Park

It is Well-Worth the Hike

My hiking group was not initially impressed with our trail views.  While late winter/early spring trails in Ohio are generally a bit dull and tree-lined--this one seemed rather humdrum.

Tree Lined Trail at Flint Ridge in Ohio

Even the water-filled ancient quarry pits--that looked almost like ditches in spots--were not being met with a lot of appreciation from my group. 

Quarry Pits at Flint Ridge in Ohio

Ancient Quarry Pits at Flint Ridge

As I was beginning to hear a lot of grumbles about "why are we here?" and "There is nothing to see here"...the trail began to change.

I saw the first piece of flint on the trail at my feet.

A Piece of Buried Flint on the Trail at Flint Ridge


Pieces of Flint were Suddenly Everywhere--all along the trail.  Flint was jutting out from the ground against trees, lining the hills and scattered throughout the trail itself.

Flint on the trail at Flint Ridge

Flint pieces of all shapes and sizes were all around us on the trail.  

Flint on the trail at Flint Ridge

Flint on the trail at Flint Ridge

Flint on the trail at Flint Ridge

Moss covered flint pieces were some of my favorites.

Moss covered Flint on the trail at Flint Ridge

I could share hundreds of photos of the flint lined paths!  The variations in color were beautiful--and everyone in my group was saying--"Oh, come look at this one!"


The photos do not do these gemstones any justice at all--and single shots along the trail miss the sheer magnitude of the miles of flint still in the ground and on the surface at this magnificent place.

Through sections of the trail, the flint was noticeable with every single step.  

One of my group mates sat by stream for several minutes amazed by the many colors of flint in that one spot alone.

If you enjoy Native American history, gemstones and geology--this site is a wonderful find! 


Pinnable image to save the Flint Ridge Ancient Quarries post

If you Visit Flint Ridge

Plan about and Hour or Two.  The site is fairly small, with a few short trails circling the ancient flint mining pits.  There is a picnic area as well as the museum and gift shop.  We probably spent only a little over an hour on site,--but, would have spent longer had the museum been open.

There is No Admission Charge to Access the Site--But, Donations are Requested.  This site was maintained by the state historical society--but, I am wondering if management of it is shifting to the Licking Valley Heritage Society. The site's website has changed in the past few years--so information is a bit sketchy. We did not pay to enter--and did not see a spot to make a donation--but, it may be requested during more of a peak season time.

The restrooms are seasonal also.  There is a restroom on the site--but, it was still closed for winter when we visited.  Plan accordingly for that!

Pack a picnic lunch.  The picnic area is small, but if you enjoy packing along a lunch--there is space with a few tables. 

Flint is NOT to be Removed from the Site.  Since the site is designated as a nature preserve and state memorial, guests are asked not to remove anything from the trails or nature areas.  I expect flint pieces are available for purchase in the gift shop. 

Dining in the Area.  You can check out our reviews of  Red Oak Pub, Bummie's Pub and Grub and the Big Apple Cafe in Newark at our sister site. We visited these spots during our visits.  All were great for family friendly pub or cafe style food.  

Other Activities in the Area.  We spent two day trips hiking through the Blackhand Gorge.  It was a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend.



Details about the Site Featured Here:

Flint Ridge Ancient Quarries & Nature Preserve in Glenford, Ohio

15300 Flint Ridge Road

Glenford, OH  43739



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  1. How lovely to stop by and find your post today. I visited Flint Ridge a number of years ago and your photos and post brought back some great memories.


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