Odd Sites in Columbus, Ohio: The World's Largest Gavel?

 Weird little roadside attractions always drag me in for a visit!  My kids always thought it was fun to visit random thing--like the World's Largest Windchimes or The World's Largest Cuckoo Clock--when we traveled.  Today, I have some photos from a recent trip to downtown Columbus where they claim to have the World's Largest Gavel outside the Supreme Court Building.  

 If you are visiting from the Blogging from A to Z Challenge--G is for Gavel!


Cool Find in the Middle of Downtown Columbus


The Ohio Judicial Center, the light stone building in the background, houses the Supreme Court of Ohio.  With reflecting pools on the north and south sides, the structure offers an interesting view in the downtown.


The Massive Gavel Sits in the North Reflecting Pool

 The gavel sits in the public courtyard which views the street from one direction and the Scioto Mile along the the rive on the other.

Side view toward Front Street of the huge gavel structure in Columbus, Ohio

The "Gavel" Sculpture by Andrew F. Scott was commissioned in 2008 for the price of $200,000

Side view the Scioto Mile of the gavel structure in Columbus, Ohio

 The gavel certainly is huge--but, the city's claim that it is the world's largest may now fall just a little short to the recently named Guiness Book Of World Records holder in Casey, Illinois.  If you have never been through Casey, Illinois--it is a fun little town with a lot of creative "largest" objects for photos!

World's Largest or not--it is a pretty impressive site.


Pinnable Image for the World's Largest Gavel attraction in Columbus, Ohio

Words Fill the South Reflecting Pool

On the building's south side, large carved granite letters make up words related to the justice system--such as intregity, wisdom, truth, justice and honor.  

Justice Words Carved and placed in a refelcting pool outside the Ohio Supreme Court Building in Columbus, Ohio

 The words are probably better viewed from higher floors in the surrounding buildings.


The Supreme Court of Ohio


Carving in the stone of the Supreme Court of Ohio

Carving in the stone of the Ohio State Seal at the Supreme Court of Ohio

Carving in the stone outside of the Supreme Court of Ohio

The Supreme Court building itself held neat features as well.


If you Visit The Gavel and The Supreme Court Building in Columbus, Ohio

Plan less than an Hour.  If you view both reflecting pools and the Supreme Court Building's architecture--and take a walk along a stretch of the Scioto Mile--you will likely spend less than an hour.

The Sculptures are Accessible to the Public.  Both sides of the building--and the walk down to the river walk are open to the public without entering the building itself.   Once the weather warms, the water will be returned to the reflecting pools.

On Street Parking is Available.  Metered parking is available along the street for easy access to the site. There were few people walking the area during the early Spring Sunday that we visited.  For easier parking and access, I would recommend visiting on the weekend or later in the day after regular downtown businesses close.

The Columbus Downtown Area is Pet Friendly.  Leashed pets are welcome and the path along the river is popular for walkers and dogs.

Dining in the Area.  Downtown Columbus and the Short North are loaded with restaurants to visit!  We never seem to visit the same place twice. 

Other Activities in the Area.  The Scioto Mile is a family favorite--especially in the summer--and COSI is directly across the river.


Details about the Site Featured Here:

The Gavel and the Ohio Supreme Court Building

65 S. Front Street
Columbus, Oho43215



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