Hiking the Honey Run Waterfall Park in Howard, Ohio

If there is a waterfall on our route during a road trip--we will add it to our trip!  In the case of the Honey Run Waterfall in Howard, Ohio, near Mt. Vernon--it, and its park trails, was the day trip destination.   Today, we have a few photos of the Honey Run Falls and the Honey Run Waterfall Park to share--along with some tips for your visit.


The Honey Run Falls in Howard Ohio

 Hiking to the Honey Run Waterfall 

The Honey Run Waterfall is quick and easy to access.  There is a small parking area across the road from the Honey Run Waterfall Park.  A short trek from the park's entrance brings you directly to the waterfall. 

Hiker standing by the Honey Run Waterfall in Howard Ohio

You can also easily climb to spots in, around and above the falls.   While this means that you can get some great photos from various angles--it also means that the falls gets super crowded with waders and climbers in and around the falls.  We visited it early in the day--we were able to take a few pictures when we first walked into the park and then we were able to swing through again later in the morning for more photos.

A Viewing Bench above the Honey Run Waterfall in Howard, Ohio

While Chris and Maddy climbed around at the waterfall, I took a few minutes to sit and watch them from a bench somewhat above the falls.

The Hiking Trail at the Honey Run Waterfalls Park Continues

We saw a few people come into the park and make the quick trip to the waterfalls--then hike back out and leave.  The Honey Run Waterfall is certainly the most well known feature of the site--but, there is so much more to see as the trail continues.

We had walked just a few minutes past the falls when we were literally surrounded by dozens of the beautiful dragonflies (or damselflies maybe).  It was like walking through a magical, fairy forest.  This was a highlight of the trip for me!

Dragonflies at the Honey Run Waterfall Park

Dragonflies or Damselflies at Honey Run Waterfalls Park

 Trails, Trees and Rock Formations Lead to the Kokosing River

Dirt trail at the Honey Run Waterfall Park in Howard Ohio

Tree growing from the sandstone cliff near the Honey Run Waterfalll

Blackhand sandstone cliff near the Honey Run Waterfalll

While Chris and Maddy headed to higher ground on the trails....

Rocks along the trails at the Honey Run Waterfall Park

and found some cool photo spots

I headed toward the river.

No swimming sign near the river at the Honey Run Waterfall Park

Rocks along the river at the Honey Run Waterfall Park

I could have stayed here for hours!

Reflective view of the Kokosing River near the Honey Run Watrerfall

 Visiting the Honey Run Waterfall and Park was a fun little day trip!


If you Visit Honey Run Waterfall in Howard, Ohio

Plan about an Hour or Two.  This hike can be as short as you'd like with just a quick visit to the Honey Run Waterfall near the park entrance--or can take an hour or two if you trek through the park trails and offshoots to make your way to the Kokosing River.

When should you visit?  Those in the know say that the waterfall gets pretty dry as summer progresses.  We visited in late spring/early summer in early June about a week after a decent rain.  We enjoyed the park at that time.  I would suggest heading to the park early in the day for smaller crowds around the waterfall.

Restrooms?  I did not notice a restroom or even a portable potty--but, there could have been one near the parking area.

Make it a picnic.  There isn't a picnic area--but, you could certainly pack a small lunch to eat on the rocks near the river. 

Dining in the Area.  We had lunch at the Bad Apple Pub in Howard. It was a pretty casual, family friendly place with good sandwiches and appetizers.    The park is about 20 minutes from Mount Vernon, Ohio--which has several small restaurants and chain spots.

Other Activities in the Area.  After the waterfall, we decided to walk through Kenyon College and take a look at the historic Quarry Chapel in Gambier.  We would like to visit the Ariel Foundation Park in Mount Vernon some time too!


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Details about the Site Featured Here:

Honey Run Waterfall Park in Howard Ohio

10855 Hazel Dell Road

Howard, OH  43028



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