Pizza & Beer at Bentino's Pizza in Jamestown, Ohio

We love finding family-owned restaurants favored by locals and visitors when we venture out for a day or weekend trip. After years of seeing posts and social media shares about Bentino's Pizza in Jamestown, Ohio (and in Yellow Spring, Ohio), we finally had the opportunity to fit in a trip to the Jamestown location! What did we think of Bentino's Pizza in Jamestown, Ohio?

Outside Bentino's Pizza in Jamestown Ohio

Bentino's Pizza Fits Well into its Small Town Space

Jamestown is a little village nestled between Xenia and Jeffersonville. We had spent the day in Cedarville, Ohio, and planned to fit the trip to Jamestown and Bentino's in as we made our way back to I-71 for our trip home! Bentino's has ample space and a nice parking area--straightforward to find from GPS by the address.  

We were hitting the restaurant around 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday, so we were pretty late for lunch and still early for dinner. There were a handful of diners--many likely locals as they all seemed to know each other! There was only one server that I noticed, but the food and drinks arrived quickly, and he was super friendly and helpful the whole time we were there. 


Dining area and bar inside Bentino's Pizza in Jamestown, Ohio

Drinks & Appetizers


Bentino's has a full bar, offering beer, wine, liquor, and specialty drinks. We had a relatively long drive ahead, so a couple of lighter draft beers were on our wish list for this visit.


Bud Light Draft Beer with Slices of Lime

We had had a long day, and we were all pretty hungry!  We wanted to try everything:  the wings, garlic knots, the bull sticks, and the jalapeno cheddar spuds. In the end, we opted to go with a larger pizza and a single appetizer of the Jalapeno Cheddar Spuds.

Jalapeno Cheddar Spuds with Ranch Dressing at Bentino's Pizza

The spuds were interesting little fried shredded potato, cheese, and jalapeno balls--served with a choice of ranch dressing or sour cream. We liked them--they had just a little hint of jalapeno, so they weren't really very spicy.  Kind of pricey for the appetizer--but, not really out of line for a smaller restaurant.

Jalapeno Cheddar Spud Appetizer Cut in Half to Open

The Pizza

We opted for the 16-inch Very Veggie pizza with regular crust. The traditional crust wasn't very thick, so we were glad we hadn't picked the thin option! The vegetables were very fresh--and the cheese was perfect. I am always a little hesitant when fresh tomatoes are a main ingredient on a specialty pizza--but these were fresh, ripe, and well done. With red pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese at the table, we soon found ourselves not needing a take-out box for leftovers!


Very Veggie Pizza with Traditional Crust at Bentino's Pizza

Would we Recommend Bentino's Pizza in Jamestown, Ohio?

When you find a place that the locals love and recommend, you know that you are onto something good. Bentino's in Jamestown has been in business for a long time and is also popular in the surrounding communities. The service, drinks, pizza, and atmosphere worked well to make this a great family-owned pizza and beer destination. 
There isn't a lot of tourist-type activity in Jamestown--but if you do find yourself in nearby Xenia or passing through that section of southern Ohio on I-71--it is definitely worth a stop for a family friendly lunch or dinner.   It would have been a fun location for a travel sports team meal or family dinner!

Photo collage from Bentino's Pizza in Jamestown, Ohio

If you Visit Bentino's Pizza

They Offer More than Pizza!  I saw the garlic knots and a calzone or two heading to other tables--as well as a few Greek specialty pizzas.  All looked great.  There are dessert options too--but, most every table around us needed to-go boxes leaving no room for dessert. 

Other Activities in the Area.  Bentino's Pizza is located in a small town--but, is not far from Ceasar Creek and Cowan Lake state parks in the Ohio State Park system.  There is also an outlet mall near Jeffersonville and the interstate and a reasonable drive to flea markets, shops and activities in Xenia, Centerville or Waynesville. 

Details about the Site Featured Here:

Bentino's Pizza

100 W. Washington St., Ste A, Jamestown, OH 45335



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