Early Spring Walk Through Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio

Ohio in the early spring is pretty brown.  Most trees and spring plants seem to bud and bloom between late April and late May depending on how long winter temperatures and snow hang around.  In the summer, Inniswood Metro Gardens in Columbus, Ohio, was one of our favorite parks to visit when our kids were younger. This year, we decided to take a walk in the park to see Inniswood in the early spring!  Here are some photos of Inniswood Metro Gardens just beginning to come to life for the year--and some tips if you visit in the early spring.

If you are visiting from the Blogging from A to Z challenge--I is for Inniswood Metro Garden.

Cherry Blossoms Always Liven Up Early Spring Gardens in Ohio

Even when the trails have yet to turn green or bloom!

Inniswood Metro Gardens, located on 123 Acres in central Ohio, offers a natural woodland space that is home to native wildlife, wildflowers and streams and ponds and beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens. Even when still in "winter sleep"--the trails are peaceful and offer plenty to see.

Inniswood Metro Gardens, on the estate donated by the Innis sisters, houses more than 2,000 species of plants, specialty collections and a children’s garden, as well as the Rose, Herb, Conifer and Woodland Rock Gardens.  T

Daffodils beginning to bloom at Inniswood Metro Gardens

Small stakes with plant identifications help visitors learn about some of the plants visible along the trails.  Wild leek apparently pop up during early spring!

Leek plant with identification stake at Inniswood Metro Garden

 The park has several spots throughout the trails and gardens to allow visitors time to pause, rest, reflect and enjoy the sounds of nature around them. 

Benches near the parking area at Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio

The Children's Garden /Sister's Garden is a focal point of Inniswood--and have always been a favorite spot for our girls to wander and play.

Little ones can follow a story on the trail at Inniswood Metro Gardens

StoryWalk at Inniswood Metro Gardens

Or climb in the treehouse / playhouse

Treehouse / playhouse at the Inniswood Metro Gardens

The Sisters' Garden brings a magical garden play space to little ones with playhouses, a fruit garden, sculptures, a windmill and colorful natural spaces to explore. 

Plague for the Sister's Garden at Inniswood Metro Gardens

Art, sculptures and playhouses encourage little explorers at Inniswood Metro Gardens

Giant flower art in the Inniswood Metro Gardens

Sculpture depicting the Innis Sisters at the Inniswood Metro Gardens

Streams and a small pond offered wildlife viewings of basking turtles and ducks during our visit..

Turtles basking in a wetland space at the Inniswood Metro Gardens

Even in the early spring, there were colors and plants emerging throughout the trails and gardens at Inniswood Metro Gardens!
Flowering plant at Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio
Ground cover surrounding a tree on a trail at Inniswood Metro Gardens

All of the trails at the gardens are fairly easy walks.  The park has a very family friendly atmosphere with an appeal to all ages.  Inniswood offered a nice nature walk with a few glimpses of Spring!  


Pinnable image of a post about Inniswood Metro Gardens in WEsterville, Ohio


If you Visit Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio

Plan to spend a few hours.  A visit to this park can be as short as you'd like with just a quick visit to the nature streams or the garden near the park entrance--or can take an a few hours if you walk all of the trails and have some downtime at one of the benches or viewing areas.  

When should you visit?  In early spring, the gardens are still pretty barren--but, I love to visit for those early peeks of spring colors!  The gardens come completely to life in the summer months with rose gardens, greenery, vines and an array of color with its 2000 types of plants.  With that color comes larger crowds, families, photographers and more seeking to capture some images of the park.  I would suggest heading to the park early in the day for smaller crowds.  We usually go in the  morning and stay until around 11--have a picnic in the on-site picnic area and then head on to our next adventure. 

Restrooms are easily accessible.  This park is very family friendly.  There are restrooms  near the entrance as well as near the Sisters' Garden area.   None of the trails are longer than .5 miles--and the layout keeps the entire park accessible from the trails.

Make it a picnic.  There is a picnic area with a handful of tables.  Plan ahead and pack a picnic for lunch or dinner. 

Dining in the Area.  The park is near the Columbus suburbs of Sunbury, Westerville and New Albany.  All three have many restaurants.  We have enjoyed the Sunbury Grill in Sunbury, Delaney's Diner in Westerville,  Hudson 29  and Eagles Pizza in New Albany.  

Other Activities in the Area.  You can visit the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial, the Hoover Reservoir Park, and the Char-Mar Ridge Preserve.

Check out the Parks Activity Calendar.  Inniswood has a number of educational programs and events throughout the year.  There is also a popular spring plant sale every year that is well worth a visit if you are interested!  Check out the upcoming programs and events for family programs as well as those geared toward adult visitors.  


Details about the Site Featured Here:

Inniswood Metro Gardens

940 S. Hempstead Road

Westerville, OH  43081


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  1. That looks like a lovely place to spend a day. I don't have anything like that near me anymore. I guess "they" think we don't need it, since we are in right by forests and on the way to Crater Lake. Still, that's nice to go with kids.

  2. Such a wonderful place to walk. Very beautiful.


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